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Metro District Sights & Sounds

May 25, 2020

A conversation with Rev. Monica Humpal and Rev. Emily Kroeger. Because Covid-19 has forced the world to shelter in place, and although each state, has begun the opening Phase 1 and Phase 2 process, SPIRITUAL FORMATION has shifted from the church buildings to where ever people are sheltered in place together.  During my coaching conversations with leaders has been how to shift, pivot, and re-focus through these Uncharted Territories into our global New NORMAL. Rev. Monica and Rev. Emily and I will have a conversation focused on family ministry and how to engage so that families are equipped to deepen their faith and navigate effectively into the Uncharted territories of  WHAT'S NEXT, in our new world of being.

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Unafraid: Living w/ Courage & Hope in Uncertain Times:
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Music by: Lucas Britt