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Metro District Sights & Sounds

Apr 20, 2020

A Conversation with Ray Shawn McKennon, Pastor of South Tyron Community Church - a United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC that serves the Brookhill and Southside communities, now called SouthEnd. There are over 300 of our sisters and brothers who are on the spectrum of low economic income, with 1/3 being children who live there. Our conversation is centered around what role should the church play in the Affordable Housing crisis, how should the church imagine a society where no one is forced to make life work, on $25, 000 yr - for a family four, 30% (AMI income), and how does the church engage to find solutions to this crisis. After all we do live in the wealthiest nation on the planet?
Just Systems?! Profit Margins?! Gap Funding?! The Good News?! Investment?! Faith!

“Let’s Find a way to Get to YES!”


Information on the New Brookhill Development Project; A Section at the New Brookhill Site:

A Call to Action: Please email Charlotte City Council members and the Mayor of Charlotte to simply convey that you are supportive.

The New Brookhill Affordable Housing initiative and you want Brookhill Project to be apart of the Charlotte City Funding Projects. The Charlotte City Council will Vote on April 27, 2020.

Link to the Council Members email with their phone numbers:

TRUTH - The sentiment of the Charlotte City Council meeting, April 13, 2020 was…

“Let’s Find a way to get to, YES!” #TheNewBrookhillinitative

Music by - Tyris Williams -